Monday, February 27, 2012

Loyal Daughters and Sons

I'm glad that Loyal Daughters and Sons is falling in the same week that we are reading about rape and sexual assault. These are important issues. The show makes the point that (especially at Notre Dame) it's really hard to talk about sexual assault. This starts with it being hard to talk about sex in general -- look out for one monologue in particular titled (The Unicorn).

I, personally, am pretty comfortable talking about all these "taboo" issues. Dating, tampons versus pads, hookups, whatever. Let's talk about it. Let's have it out. Everyone wants to talk about this. Everyone wants to know that other people are thinking about the same things. No one ever says anything.

It can have a lot to do with how you're raised. Some people are raised thinking that talking about all those things is shameful, inappropriate. I can't say that I was particularly encouraged to talk about them. It took me years to get comfortable with my sexuality. As I've mentioned before in this blog, I was nicknamed "The Nun" in high school. But somehow, I became comfortable with it. 

I still get the awkward suspicion from people though. It might be the funny look I get from a friend when I mention staying overnight in a friend's room (regardless of what may or may not have happened between us). Or it might be the feeling that I get from my parents when I talk about someone I'm interested in. Like it's still something to be ashamed of. People still communicate to me that it's inappropriate to talk about these things or be frank about sexuality, and quite honestly, I'm tired of it.

I'm an adult under the law, capable of making my own choices about what I believe to be right and wrong. And I believe that these are things we need to talk about. If we don't start talking about the basic issues, how can we ever hope to conquer the bigger issues like sexual assault? People need to be more open about these things. We have to start somewhere.

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