Friday, February 3, 2012


My friend and I had a fun conversation about the portrayal of men and women in princess movies the other night, specifically, Tangled! Now, I have to warn you - this post will contain spoilers about the movie. My friend and I had a lot of fun discussing this. We agreed that, most likely, no one who made the movie meant to make huge statements about gender, but it can be fun to make these interpretations.

In this interpretation of the story, Rapunzel's hair is magical and has healing powers. Therefore, Rapunzel (a woman) is the holder of great power herself. Awesome! However, her hair is also a contributor to her imprisonment. It is because of her power that her mother chooses to imprison her (and the hair itself is just very cumbersome...) Not so awesome.

So! Isn't it interesting that at the end of the movie, a man cuts off her hair? Is it that he is robbing her of her power? Is he freeing her from imprisonment? And if he is freeing her, why does she need a man to free her?

Disclaimer: I love this movie and I don't mean to discredit it. It's just something fun to think about! Let me know if you have anything to add!

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  1. Like most kid movies these days this film puts forth what it thinks is a feminist message -- by having the girl be powerful and sort of rescue the boy. But, it depends upon a freakishly whacked out woman with maternity issues, a hair fetish and a lot of giants to sort it out.